A Spark in the Ash by Keary Taylor (ePUB)

spark in ash, keary taylor

A Spark in the Ash (Parallel Verse Guardians #3) by Keary Taylor – Free eBooks Download


At five days, I started to wonder. At a week, I started getting worried. But it’s been more than two weeks now, and I’m trying not to panic.

It shouldn’t take this long. It’s been sixteen days since Jaxon manifested, and he hasn’t been able to gain control over his ultralight form, not even once. At this rate, it doesn’t look like I’ll ever be able to touch him again, kiss him again—because he’s a raging inferno of light that wants nothing more than to eliminate me. But now it’s not just about me and how bad I want to be with him. Vivian Gray wants her son back, and she’s the kind of crime boss with the resources to tear the world apart looking for him. We need to show our faces and keep up the charade we began.

I have to get him out of this life. I have to get him away from her.
Only I didn’t anticipate this twist: there’s a reason this family is as dark and dangerous as it is.
I’m not sure Jaxon has the strength to do what must be done. So, it’s my turn to step up and take care of business.

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