A Sonata for a Noble Soul by Alice Kirks (ePUB)

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A Sonata for a Noble Soul by Alice Kirks – Free eBooks Download


Lady Pippa Andrews believes that rather than searching for love, she should wait for love to find her. Her mother, however, insists on a marriage for financial reasons and she does whatever it takes to force her into courtships with wealthy lords. Pippa’s heart only skips a beat though, when at a symposium, she meets a charming man, whose music sweeps her off her feet.
Will this charismatic man be able to give Pippa the fairytale life she has always dreamed of?

For Charlie Thomas, music has always been his life’s passion. While he loves performing at balls, he wishes he could live the life his father led; one filled with adventurous travels and an everlasting romance. It is when he first lays eyes on the enchanting Lady Pippa that he begins to think such life is achievable after all. As time passes, Charlie realises that he is starting to fall for her mesmerising beauty…
Will Charlie find a way to get closer to the only woman who moved the strings of his heart?

While Pippa and Charlie fight for their chance at love, Pippa’s mother insists on arranging a marriage of her own making, one that is acceptable to society. Despite all odds, will these two soulmates unite their two worlds and follow the calling of true happiness? Or will they be doomed to a life of lovelessness caused by Pippa’s mother?

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