A Rogue to the Rescue by Lana Williams (ePUB)

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A Rogue to the Rescue (The Rogue Chronicles #4) by Lana Williams – Free eBooks Download


Suddenly alone in the world without a penny to her name, Beatrice Linfield, a vicar’s daughter, arrives in London in search of a new life and a position. But her circumstances go from bad to worse when she’s drugged and tossed in a brothel. She might not know where she belongs, but a brothel isn’t it. Despite her fear, she manages to escape in the night, hoping for a miracle.

Daniel Walker wonders if he’s come upon a ghost when he sees a form dressed in white drifting toward him on a dark street. To assist a desperate lady in need of rescue seems an answer to his deepest secret–to prove himself worthy of doing something meaningful.

Beatrice quickly realizes the handsome rogue who rescued her could easily steal her heart. But there’s no denying the fact that she’s now ruined in Society’s eyes. He is not for the likes of her. Yet a heated kiss makes her wonder if love is possible after all.

Daniel sees the beauty in Beatrice, inside and out, and vows to do all in his power to help her find a new life. As he works with her to halt the terrible scheme that trapped her and other women in its web, he begins to hope her new life could be with him. Can he bring the villain to justice or will doing so risk everything he now holds dear?

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