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Levi Anderson understands that he will never have a ‘normal’ life. Bipolar Disorder rules every facet of his life with a cruel iron fist, and he plans to simply endure his existence until he no longer can. But when Hayden Ashford, the man with the dead brown eyes, comes to the gallery where Levi works, demanding to be sold a painting Levi completed while in a severely manic state, Levi can’t get past how similar they seem.
Hayden is barely making it from one day to the next after the death of his fiancé two years earlier. His guilt and his grief are all that’s keeping him alive. Until he meets Levi, an artist who has painted Hayden’s inconsolable anguish onto a canvas, and Hayden begins to feel life stirring in his bones once more.
They don’t stand a chance. Their suffering is too deep. But maybe theirs could be the greatest love of all if, somehow, they can find each other in the destructive chaos caused by their individual pain.

A Place Not Found is the painful journey of two people struggling to cope with the devastation and wreckage caused by mental illness and the loss of a loved one. It is also a story filled with hope and resilience, and the refusal to give up on the chance to love.
The full list of trigger warnings are available in the Look Inside feature.

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