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perfect fit, stephanie louise

A Perfect Fit (Bridge City Beats) by Stephanie Louise – Free eBooks Download


Portland, Oregon, 1995. Their stars are both shining.
But offstage, revenge is worth killing for…

Tomorrow Mourning frontman Tyler Hall is riding high on the success of his band’s world tour. But reality comes crashing down when he returns home to discover the nasty tabloid rumors about his personal life are true.

Punk guitarist Charlotte Ross has put the trauma of her stalker behind her, and her career is taking off. When her friend Tyler reaches out for support, the feelings that she’s kept under wraps for too long threaten to resurface.

After an innocent moment between them is photographed, the spotlight turns against them. Suddenly, Charlotte is reliving her stalking nightmare, while Tyler’s private life becomes a public disaster.

Forced to confront their true feelings while the whole world watches on, their past scars aren’t the only thing that could tear them apart. Because someone else is watching, waiting. And they’re planning on getting away with murder…

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