A Pack of Storms and Stars by Olivia Wildenstein (ePUB)

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A Pack of Storms and Stars (The Boulder Wolves #4) by Olivia Wildenstein – Free eBooks Download


Till a mating link do us part.

That was rule #1 of the arrangement I struck up with my Alpha a few weeks after he arrived in Beaver Creek to solve a pack murder. Liam Kolane and I would have exclusive fun until my wolf clicked with its true mate or until I found a male keen on long-term, since Liam had zero interest in forever.
Well, he and I crashed and burned long before another male came along, because I broke our one and only other commandment: I got attached. And not only to my scarred and aloof Alpha but also to his sweet nine-month-old son.
The problem with breaking up with your Alpha? You remain his shifter, so you’re stuck seeing him every day. Another problem . . . some deviants presume he likes you enough to save you.
Good thing I have four older brothers who taught me to save myself.

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