A Not So Typical Love by Tristen Rowen (ePUB)

not so typical love, tristen rowen

A Not So Typical Love by Tristen Rowen – Free eBooks Download


Jordan and Jamie’s love is anything but typical.

Jordan Cameron is not like most nineteen year olds. He’s never been on a date, he’s never left New England, and he’s never fallen in love. He lives in his own world, or so that’s what it seems to the average person. No one, not even his thirty-one year old brother, Tim, has ever given him the chance to break free.
With a schizophrenic mother in a group home and a career-obsessed absent father, Tim does the best he can raising someone with Jordan’s challenging behaviors. Despite Jordan’s diagnosis, Tim refuses to label him because “labels make us less than human.”
Thirty year old Jamie Perron has a history of bad relationships. After his girlfriend kicks him out this last time, his friend, Tim, lets him move in for the summer before embarking on a ten month teaching stint in London. Jamie changes everything Jordan has ever known.
Music is the driving force that draws Jordan and Jamie together. With a similar taste in music, Jamie understands Jordan when no one else does. Never did Jamie think he would develop such an intense, romantic relationship with a strange, quiet, and sullen (yet cute) nineteen year old boy through the course of one interesting summer. Jamie changes everything Jordan has ever known.
This is the summer of Jordan’s sexual awakening.
On acres and acres of land in the beautiful countryside of Northeastern Massachusetts, Jordan learns to love, Jamie learns how to be loved, and Tim learns how to let go.

This revised Second Edition of A Not So Typical Love contains a brand new ending. Do Jordan and Jamie live happily ever after?

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