A Not-So Holiday Paradise by Gracie Ruth Mitchell (ePUB)

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A Not-So Holiday Paradise (Christmas Escape) by Gracie Ruth Mitchell – Free eBooks Download


Things you bring on a desert island…

Sunscreen, obviously. Because these Irish freckles of mine will burn, baby, burn, and lobster red is not a great color on me.
An extra dose of my seizure meds, just in case.
A backpack full of snacks, including but not limited to a canteen of Dr. Pepper, a box of mini Christmas cookies, and granola bars—the gross crumbly kind, not the chocolate chip kind, because I’m trying to be healthy.
Sunglasses, so that when I inevitably wind up staring at my brother’s best friend—who I haven’t seen in years—no one will be able to tell. I’ve been in love with him for years, but it would never work out; he lives on a literal island, while I’m still in grad school. It can’t hurt to look, though, right?
Also bug spray.
My packing list is all well and good for a quick port excursion as part of my family’s Christmas cruise. But when the cruise ship leaves me behind, with only the contents of my bag and my brother’s best friend to keep me company? Well, I’ve got problems—especially since I’m going to run out of medicine soon. And I don’t think they make sunscreen strong enough to block the sparks that are growing between Beckett and me…

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