A New Arrival In Upper Bamton by Beth Rain (ePUB)

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A New Arrival In Upper Bamton (Upper Bamton #1) by Beth Rain – Free eBooks Download


Alice Merryfield’s plans for revitalising Upper Bamton Vineyard are starting to unravel…
The new visitors’ centre is nowhere near being finished…
She might have made a mistake when she hired her ex-boyfriend for the job…
And now he and his team of builders have done a bunk!
With the first Knit One Pour One wine and wool evening looming, Alice doesn’t have anywhere to host it – and her nerves are fraying fast.
When she discovers a trespasser parked near the river, Alice’s first instinct is to kick the unwelcome visitor off their land. The only thing that makes her pause is the loud snoring coming from the back of the beaten-up old van. Maybe she’ll come back later!
The vineyard has always been Alice’s home and she’s determined to make it the centre of the community again – just like it had been when her mother was alive. It has taken a lot to convince her father that it’s finally time to let people back into their little world. Now that she has his – rather grudging – blessing, she’s determined to make it happen… somehow.
Is it too late for Alice to unpick the tangle she’s in? Could her ex spin a convincing enough yarn to win her back? One thing’s for sure – the vineyard’s future is hanging by a thread, and change is coming whether Alice is ready for it or not!

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