A Mutually Beneficial Proposal by Harper Reed (ePUB)

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A Mutually Beneficial Proposal (The Unexpected #1) by Harper Reed – Free eBooks Download


I’m engaged to a stranger.

Okay, maybe not officially, but when Owen Porter spots me floundering for words in front of my ex-fiancé and his new wife, I decide to go along with his little farce. The catch? He wants me to return the favor by being his date to a company mixer.
I’m supposed to be on vacation—forgetting about men. Now, thanks to unforeseen events, I’m not only Owen’s date, but I’m also his hotel roommate.
Lines I didn’t want to cross are quickly blurred, and my best friends convince me that there’s nothing wrong with a vacation fling. That one might help me get over my latest relationship disaster. But as the clock counts down to my departure, I know my feelings aren’t as fake as I’d like them to be. Far from it.
Meeting Owen wasn’t in my plans. Finding out who I am was. But maybe I can make both work… That is, if Owen can prove he isn’t like my other exes: a lying cheat.

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