A Mate for Haax by Evie Burks (ePUB)

mate for haax, evie burks

A Mate for Haax (Mated to the Grekarian #2) by Evie Burks – Free eBooks Download


Who would have thought that joining an alien bride program would lead to the ultimate fight for survival?

Esme is one of the brave human females willing to join the alien bride program and mate with a Grekarian to further both of their species and find happiness in life. Little did she know that being mated to a big protective alien would lead to her life being on the line.
Haax isn’t just any alien, he’s the new commander of the Flighten, a leader and protector of the Prince of Grekaria and humans. He’ll do everything it takes to protect his mate, including taking her to his home planet where the Necorium don’t dare attack.
When the Necorium attack, not once, but multiple times, Esme and Haax must fight to save themselves and others around them. But with their bond just barely forming, can they learn to trust each other fully and fight together, or will this tear apart what could have been?

Can the Grekarians stop the Necorium before they harm anyone else, or has their level up in technology finally put them on top?

*Previously released in the Alien’s on Earth Collection. This is an extended version of the story. See what happens when these two finally make that trip to Grekaria!*

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