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A Match Made in Ireland by E.D. Hackett – Free eBooks Download


A semester abroad was exactly what she needed, but falling in love with her roommate was not part of the lesson plan.

Rory, an American college student seeking a much-needed break, lands in Ireland for a semester abroad. She never imagines finding her assigned roommate to be Jaime, the charming yet irksome redhead from her flight.
Relying on her lively roommate to act as her personal tour guide, Rory experiences the breathtaking landscapes and Irish traditions that only a local could provide. She falls for more than the enchanting Irish experience he offers and dreams about a life free from worry with someone like Jaime. From kisses in castles to pints in pubs, Rory escapes from the baggage she left behind and envies the carefree life Jaime leads.
Until Rory’s ex-boyfriend unexpectedly arrives and feelings of betrayal and doubt erupt. Pulled by past mistakes and newly discovered feelings, she must decide where her future lies. Does her heart belong in Ireland, or was Jaime merely a dream meant to be left behind?
A Match Made in Ireland is a delightful romantic comedy that delves into the magic of Ireland, the beauty of unforeseen bonds, and the transformative power of self-discovery.

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