A Lustful Duke’s Valentine Card by Emily Honeyfield (ePUB)

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A Lustful Duke’s Valentine Card by Emily Honeyfield – Free eBooks Download


The alluring Lady Felicity Hanover has always lived in her elder sister’s shadow. With her mother long gone, she is forced to endure the constant pressure of being perfectly matched by the end of the season, just like her sister. The most lustful chapter of her life is about to begin, when the seductive Duke of Rainer lays eyes on her. However, her entire world is about to be complicated by his love letter that accidentally reaches her sister instead.

Αn unexpected love triangle…
When Admiral Michael Thurnball’s father, the Duke of Rainer, passes away, the rising naval officer’s life is changed forever. Although he has never had any interest in marriage or even becoming Duke, a flaming beauty catches his eye at a Valentine ball and makes him change his mind. There is just one problem; he does not know her name. Being recalled to France, he decides to make his intentions known via letter. Little did he know, though, that he would be thrown into a tortuous courtship with the wrong lady…

What will happen when his sinful letters threaten to bring the Duke to the verge of scandal?
When their eyes first meet on Valentine’s Day, the spark between Lady Felicity and the Duke is instant, and soon, a sizzling romance begins. Yet, at every twist and turn their lustful liaison seems to reach a dead end… With backstabbing, blackmail, betrayal and deceit, fate has not seen fit to smile upon this scandalous couple. Will they find their way out of the shadow of gossip? Or will bitterness steal their hopes for passionate love once and for all?

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