A Lord’s Flaming Return by Henrietta Harding (ePUB)

lord's flaming return, henrietta harding

A Lord’s Flaming Return by Henrietta Harding – Free eBooks Download


Ever since she was abandoned by her secret love three years ago, Miss Emmeline Vaughan has been struggling to nurse her broken heart. Even though she is constantly encouraged by her family to socialize and find a proper match, the deep wounds of the past are very hard to heal. Her life will be turned upside down once again when her old love returns and old feelings and a burning desire are resurfaced. As if this wasn’t enough, she is in danger of being cast out by her parents if they were ever to learn of her secret and fiery love affair that are part of her past. Could Emmeline overcome all the intimidating obstacles and trust the alluring man after all he has done? Or will she be utterly unable to succumb to his seductive gaze again?

Heartbroken by his painful past, Lord Benedict Montagu is only back in the district to attend to business matters with his uncle and repair his strained relationship with his cousin. Despite believing he will never be able to love again, he is proved wrong when past longings are stirred the minute he reencounters Emily. He is however unable to forgive himself for abandoning the irresistible woman out in the cold and tries to convince himself that she will be better off away from him. Nevertheless, his flaming passion is hard to tame and he inevitably tries to find a way to make up for his mistakes and win her heart and body back. Will Benedict dare to claim the only woman who has set every part of his being on fire? Or will restrain himself from the smoldering passion that has grown between them?

When fate brings them together for yet another time, Emmeline and Benedict cannot stop dreaming of sinful and intimate moments with each other. However, someone has vowed to tear them apart, resorting to blackmail to get exactly what they want- the destruction of this burning affair. Could Emmeline save her reputation while it’s still hanging by a thread? In the end, will she and Benedict conquer the demons of their past and surrender to their overwhelmingly tempting lust?

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