A Little Dark Magic by Isabel Wroth (ePUB)

little dark magic, isabel wroth

A Little Dark Magic (The Little Coven #2) by Isabel Wroth – Free eBooks Download


*Kill what you love the most, and know what it means to have unlimited power.*

Kerrigan Gray can’t sleep without dreaming of the night she was forced to kill her mate. In her nightmares, she’s drowning in his blood, choking on it. Now, after a decade of unsuccessfully trying to summon his spirit, Kerrigan sees Maksim standing across the street in broad daylight, smiling at her.
It’s impossible, and yet, there he is, big as life, his lips soundlessly shaping the word, Orpheus.
Maksim has lost count of the days he’s spent waiting for the opportunity to escape. His sweet Bride has no reason to believe he’s still alive, and Maksim dreams of the day when he can shake off his chains and return to her. As loathe as he is to admit it, he can’t do it without help. He’s been starved for too long and left to rot in the dungeon where he and Kerrigan both were betrayed.
The path Kerrigan must take to reunite with her beloved will be fraught with danger, and it will take more than A Little Dark Magic to defeat their enemies.

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