A Land of Never and Night by Lily Archer (ePUB)

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A Land of Never and Night (Never and Night #1) by Lily Archer – Free eBooks Download


Peter Pan is just a story passed down from my batty ancestor Wendy about a boy who never wanted to grow up. And that’s all it is to me until I’m kidnapped by a man with a twinkle in his eye and a shadow that does his dirty work.
Peter Pan.
But he’s not a kid anymore. He says he wants to protect me from Captain Hook, that together we can save Neverland from endless night. All I have to do is tell him stories. Tale after tale. Night after night.
I do as he asks, and slowly, he becomes more than just a muddled myth from long ago. He’s a man, one who no longer accepts acorns when what he truly wants is a kiss.
I know it’s a delusion, one that might claim my life. Even so, I begin to put my faith in Peter and his Lost Boys.
But danger lurks around every corner of Neverland, and it’s always closer than you think.

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