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lady's season, Aline Francis

A Lady’s Last Season by Aline Francis – Free eBooks Download


In Regency England, marriage season is upon the Ton, with grand luxurious balls and competition among ladies to secure an engagement

Lady Sofia Worthington, however, desires nothing more than to spend her days curled up with a cup of tea reading novels and riding her horse through the forest that surrounds her family’s estate
The pompous culture of customs, rules, and tradition pays no interest to a free thinking lady such as Sofia. Rumors swirl that she is but a bluestocking and although gentle on the eyes, possesses a temperament that is less to be desired by suitors
Growing impatient, Sofia’s mother, Lucille has other plans, imposing upon her the threat of an arranged marriage to the coldest and most ill mannered old duke in all of England
Happenstance may be that Lady Sofia is in the right place at the right time when she catches the attention of the richest rake in all of the Ton, William Cochrane, a hard-to-get viscount. Despite her strong will and their budding heads, the connection between them may develop into a budding romance, although not without scandal and spectacle

With Lady Sofia Worthington’s Last Season coming to a close, with whom shall she be wed?

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