A Lady’s Garden of Desire by Henrietta Harding (ePUB)

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A Lady’s Garden of Desire by Henrietta Harding – Free eBooks Download


Being an Earl’s daughter, Lady Jane Langley spends her days in contentment; gazing out at the expansive grounds and delighting in the company of her lady-in-waiting, Maria. However, all is put into turmoil when the alluring Jane is informed of her father’s firm intentions to give her hand to the son of a local peer. Trapped in a situation she never intended to be a part of, the only thing that acts as balm to her soul is her new friendship with Charles Slade, an enticing former soldier. In Charles, not only does Lady Jane find a lovely friend, but also the awakening of her hidden desire. The more time she spends with the seductive soldier, the more she finds herself wondering… How long will she manage to resist the smoldering passion in order to satisfy her father’s expectations?

Charles Slade returns from war only to discover the untimely death of his father. Alone and with no prospects, Charles sends word to his best childhood friend, Sampson, who instantly secures him employment at Woodley Manor. When Charles discovers that one of his dear friends has feelings for Jane’s lady’s maid, he comes up with a plan to bring those two together. However, in an unexpected twist of faith, Charles’ intentions only end up bringing him closer to the seductive Lady Jane. Their forbidden encounters in the woods ignite Charles’ affections; albeit something much more uncontrollable… With their hearts soaring and scandal being just around the corner, will he be able to tame his growing feelings for Jane?

The more Jane and Charles become lost in each other, the less they can resist the temptation, realising they are each other’s sinful escape. With him, she feels that her fiery nature is finally awakened. In her, Charles finds a remarkable answer to emptiness and loss. Will they finally succumb to their passion or will their undeniable lust be torn apart by external forces? The flaming couple must traverse many insurmountable obstacles, but in the end, will their irresistible connection prove strong enough to shatter them all?

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