A Lady’s Daring Affair by Emily Honeyfield (ePUB)

lady's affair, emily honeyfield

A Lady’s Daring Affair by Emily Honeyfield – Free eBooks Download


The enthralling Lydia Blackmore has been suspecting that something is not quite right with her husband’s death for a long time. Something dreadful lied, indeed, beneath his terrible accidental death even though no one was willing to believe her… When a handsome Earl suddenly appears in her life and offers his services, so they can solve this scandalous mystery together, Lydia gives into the temptation, and accepts the stranger’s offer. Will this seductive man, that has been warming his way into her heart, help ease her conscience and move on? Or will she find herself more tangled than ever in a dangerous, but very tantalising, secret affair?

The fiery Christopher Gulliver has unexpectedly inherited a great debt from his father. Unfortunately, his duty to settle it has ultimately left him with nothing… With a sister to assist and an estate to take care of, Christopher is struggling to provide for his family. When fate throws the captivating Lydia into his path, he sees an irresistible opportunity, and so, he plots to gain her affection in the hopes of accomplishing a marriage. However the more he gets closer to her, the more hooked and enraptured he becomes to her magnetic charms. Will he manage to keep himself from falling as well, or will he venture into a far more treacherous situation than he was expecting?

The endeavor of Lydia and Christopher to reveal the truth of Lydia’s husband’s death, begins based on guilty secrets. As Christopher executes his wicked plan and manages to keep his motives hidden, their untamed feelings grow more and more every day… Can Lydia really trust Christopher after all or will she fall victim of a powerful man once again? Will their love endure all this vicious betrayal or will this enticing romance draw them both into a life threatening enigma?

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