A Jackalope for Christmas by Kaye Draper (ePUB)

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A Jackalope for Christmas by Kaye Draper – Free eBooks Download


Ashley Morgan Charlemagne Prime is sick of following orders, sick of living under the influence of his cold, powerful vampire father, and sick of his sheltered coven life. When a witch friend loans him her secluded cabin for the month, Ashley jumps at the chance to get away from people and find himself. What he didn’t anticipate was escaped flaming cattle and a hot as hell shifter neighbor who knows nothing about trying to court a vampire prime and insists on talking about Ashley’s suppressed fae heritage. And to make matters worse, the guy is adamantly against having a fling with someone who plans to return to his coven on the other side of the country after the winter solstice.
Jackson Brown is perfectly content with his quiet existence as a supernatural creature rancher. He grows or makes everything he needs, and he does it all far away from the rambunctious family that never quite got over him not being a bear. Sure, sometimes it would be nice to have some help around the farm. Maybe someone to share his burdens with. But the last guy he dated was a fae who left him feeling like a used tissue. Casual hookups are not his thing. Especially with spoiled, rich, bratty half-vampires who come with a boatload of baggage of their own. So why the hell can’t he leave Ashely alone?

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