A Hope Baked with Love for the Sheriff by Melynda Carlyle (ePUB)

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A Hope Baked with Love for the Sheriff by Melynda Carlyle – Free eBooks Download


Can this feisty mail order bride make the broken sheriff’s life sweet again?

Harland has learned to appreciate the small things in life as his tragic past has taught him they matter most. His duties as Sheriff in Kansas only reinforce his sense of justice and his desire to do good, although he has received very little himself. After a terrible heartbreak, he puts up a Mail-Order-Bride ad, wishing to finally find the love and warmth missing from his life. . Little does he know, he is about to find all that and much more in the face of Natalie, the most talented young baker of Boston.

Natalie has always loved her family and they have loved her in return. Yet, she knows that it’s high time she made a life of her own. When her hope to work as a professional baker and her wish to find an honorable man for herself merge by what seems to be a magical touch of fate, Natalie grabs the chance and heads out to Kansas to meet her destiny.

When Natalie and Harland meet, their attraction is undeniable. With her lively attitude and her delicious baked creations, Natalia wins Harland’s heart and everything seems to be going smoothly for them. But as the new shop takes a lot of Natalie’s time and Harland’s duties drag him away from his bride-to-be, an unsuspected threat slips into their lives. As the Sheriff, Harland must figure out the menace that hides in plain sight before the town’s safety is jeopardized. But at what cost?

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