A Hero’s Vow by Reagan Phillips (ePUB)

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A Hero’s Vow (Heart of a Wounded Hero) by Reagan Phillips – Free eBooks Download


My mangled calf muscle and prosthetic foot are all I have to show for seven years of service.
Honorably discharged, they call it.
More of a consultation prize if you ask me.
I’ve been in rehab for the last six months. Two overseas and four in the states.
That’s a lot of time to contemplate life.
Even better, it’s a lot of reflecting on my past mistakes.
Six months ago, I was the guy driving the lead humvee in the supply convoy in the middle east.
The same guy who missed the AMD in the middle of the damn road and got his best friend blown to bits.
Now I’m the guy with his “if I die” letter.
Six months is a long time to wait for your brother’s last words.
I promised Shane I’d make sure they reached his sister.
But I never expected the little girl he described in his stories to be all grown up, firey, and sexy as hell.
I didn’t plan to fall in love.
Now Evie is my reason for living. She’s what gets me through to another day. But she’s also hurting, and I remind her of what she’s lost every day that I stay.
Can two broken hearts find peace within each other, or will the truth I’ve kept hidden break us both for good?

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