A Heart’s Song by Dora Hiers (ePUB)

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A Heart’s Song (Canderhart Dynasty #3) by Dora Hiers – Free eBooks Download


Now that the legacy of Canderhart Racing is settled, Dustin “Dusty” Canderhart needs to crank out the words to make the contracted deadline for his next action adventure romance book. But it appears as though his muse has abandoned him. Or rather, his pseudonym Sage Rockford. There’s a lot riding on this book. He’s not worried about the advance. It’s more about proving to his father that writing is a viable profession just as much as car racing.
On the run from a stalker, singer/songwriter Oakley Mead retreats to her hometown of Hawley Creek, hoping to keep a low profile and not attract any attention. But that hope incinerates when she runs into her high school sweetheart, Dusty Canderhart, and the town’s most eligible bachelor insists on keeping her safe. Oakley doesn’t want or need Dusty acting like one of his fictional heroes. All her life, starting with her father, men have betrayed her, and romance belongs in his books, not in real life.

Will Dusty convince Oakley that she can trust him not to hurt her and that romance isn’t just reserved for fiction and songs? Can he show her that they belong together? Will Oakley feel safe enough in Hawley Creek, in Dusty’s arms, to stop running? Can she trust the new song taking up residence in her heart? Lyrics of truth, faith, hope and love…

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