A Heart of Fire by Stephanie Foxe (ePUB)

heart fire, stephanie foxe

A Heart of Fire (Dragon Prince’s Mate #2) by Stephanie Foxe – Free eBooks Download


She is everything he never wanted.

Lily, the ambitious, cardigan-loving librarian with a sweet tooth is, in fact, his worst nightmare. But if Roark is going to escape the horrible fate that befell his father, he has no choice but to work with Lily Whitethorn. He likes his carefree life as a playboy prince, thank you very much.
Roark is determined to avoid ever finding his true mate, no matter the cost.
He is infuriating, irresponsible, and irritating.
The reckless playboy with a serious lack of respect for the books she loves is, quite possibly, Lily’s worst nightmare. But she can’t turn down his help with the future of the library on the line. Lily agrees to help him on his quest to avoid his true mate.
However, Roark turns out to be the least of her problems when a strange conspiracy centered around the library’s previous caretaker puts her square in the sights of a criminal organization.
With everything they hold dear on the line, the playboy prince and cautious librarian will have to find a way to work together to save their futures—and so much more.

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