A Healer for the Highland Laird by Emilia C. Dunbar (ePUB)

healer for highland land, emilia c dunbar

A Healer for the Highland Laird (Chronicles of Highland Rebels #3) by Emilia C. Dunbar – Free eBooks Download


She is everything he needs except obedient.

Ada’s life was about to end soon after it began… The little lass was found in a hayloft of a small village after all the residents died from a disease! The healer who found her raised her as her own and is the closest thing to a mother Ada ever knew.
Growing up, Ada showed incredible talent and interest in the healing art and became an apprentice for the healer whom she recognizes as her mother. As her skills are growing, Ada is about to become the new clan’s healer so that her “mother” can retire until the Laird’s son, Lachlan MacNair, rejects her!
The Highlander is developing into a strong leader who can be harsh at times, and in Ada’s case, he states that she is too young to be trusted. Training her whole life to become the clan’s new healer, Ada decides to travel with her “mother” to the castle and make Lachlan change his mind.
Yet, as soon as the two arrive, a servant is killed by what appears to be poison! Lachlan wonders if that was a failed attack against him and Ada is not beyond suspicion… Daily after that, her wild and unruly character indicates that she has little to no respect for his authority! Can the lass somehow gain Lachlan’s trust, or is the headstrong apprentice not compatible with the future Laird?

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