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Dear Santa,
Please can you send me a guy for Christmas? Someone kind, good-looking, sweet… but who knows what he’s doing ? ( If you get my meaning 😉 ) You must know SO MANY people. Surely you can give someone a shove in my direction?
I’m serious here!
I need your help.
I’m eighteen and I’m a virgin.
That doesn’t sound bad, right?
Well, in my little town, most of the guys I went to school with are getting a lot of action. And bragging about it. They have their pick of girls.
Only thing is? I don’t want a girl. And gay or bi guys are pretty thin on the ground around here.
Hell, the only gay guy I know of for sure is my neighbor, Mr. Quentin, but he’s ‘ancient’. He has to be at least thirty. Not that he isn’t hot – don’t get me wrong, he’s smoking! He was the coolest teacher ever, but he’s not gonna be interested in a guy my age.
Anyway, Santa…. I know you’re kinda busy right now, but if you could spare a thought for my little problem, I’d be eternally grateful.

Thanks, Santa.


P.S. I know I made it sound like it’s all about popping my cherry, but a little Christmas romance would be great too. So no guys with snow where their hearts should be, okay? I want ALL the feelz.
P.P.S On second thoughts, make that a lot of romance. But be careful, okay, Santa? I want a guy who’ll steal my heart, not break it.

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