A Grumpy Mountain Man for Xmas by K.L. Ramsey (ePUB)

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A Grumpy Mountain Man for Xmas (Grumpy Mountain Men #4) by K.L. Ramsey – Free eBooks Download


Drew had so many changes over the past year, that he was starting to feel like he had whiplash. All he wanted was the perfect Christmas with his new family, but that was beginning to feel like a pipe dream. When his oldest brother came up with the idea for them all to fly out to Colorado, Drew agreed to go along. He liked the idea of spending time with his new brothers but didn’t have the heart to tell either of them that he hated the great outdoors. That was going to be a problem since they had a full two weeks planned of ice fishing, skiing, and even hiking. Drew’s idea of a quiet holiday vacation was sitting in front of the fire in the cabin, sipping hot cocoa, but he was sure that activity wasn’t on his brothers’ agenda.
Cecelia needed a break from her big family and a holiday in a rental cabin, out in Colorado, seemed to be a perfect idea. She told her family that she had to work, and as a stewardess, that seemed plausible. Instead, she switched flights with a friend and ended up in Colorado for two weeks having absolutely nothing to do. No listening to how great her sister’s kids were or how her brother had found the perfect person to spend his life with. Her four siblings would have to compete with each other for their parents’ affections and she’d be blissfully enjoying a quiet Christmas in her little rental cabin. What she hadn’t counted on was the crazy, big family in the next cabin over or the handsome, single man who seemed to need an escape from his own family for the holiday season.

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