A Game of Hazard by Elizabeth Keysian (ePUB)

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A Game of Hazard (Wedding Wager #11) by Elizabeth Keysian – Free eBooks Download


There’s a price on her head…
Miss Alexandra Isaacs learned many things at finishing school but how to run a vast smuggling empire wasn’t one of them. She’s desperate to protect this perilous inheritance because so many lives depend on it. However, there’s a traitor in their midst, and Alex must risk exposure to unmask him. There’s external danger, too, in the shape of a clever—not to mention compelling—excise officer. It would be utter folly to allow the captain any closer, but that’s precisely what a blackmailing matchmaker forces Alex to do.
…and he means to claim it.
The reward for capturing the smugglers’ ringleader is hugely tempting to Captain Giles Harewood. His sisters are in dire need of dowries and the Bath Season is in full swing—the perfect opportunity to find husbands for them. But the implacable Lady Pandora Osbourne has other plans for this confirmed bachelor—plans that could destroy all his hopes.
Who will win and who will lose in this deadly game of Hazard?

Originally published as part of The Wedding Wager Anthology

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