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friend like that, marissa finch

A Friend Like That by Marissa Finch – Free eBooks Download


Who needs enemies when you have a friend like that?

I should wonder why I feel so comfortable with Taylor. Why I’m so enamored with a stranger I met at a bar.
I should, but I don’t.
Alice Brewster is at a low point. After being let go from her job at the ritzy Grant Hotel, she spends her days at a dingy Manhattan pub just so she won’t have to tell anyone the shameful truth.
So when blonde, beautiful Taylor waltzes in one sunny afternoon, Alice is ready for the distraction of an unpredictable new friend.
As Alice and Taylor get closer, Alice confesses the real reason she lost her job — a hotel guest, the wealthy real estate mogul Weston Chambers, assaulted her.
But while Alice wants sympathy, Taylor’s rage is white hot.
We could kill him, she says.
Alice thinks she’s joking. Of course she’s joking.
But then Weston Chambers turns up dead.
And Taylor is nowhere to be found.
Now Alice is the prime suspect in the murder. But can she track down Taylor — and unravel the truth about her new friend’s real motives — before it’s too late?

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