A Flare Of Life by Elodie Colt (ePUB)

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A Flare Of Life (JAYLIOR #0.5) by Elodie Colt – Free eBooks Download


Chris knew he was different. Just like Gina was.
But she was so much more…

He didn’t want to move to the Baltimore compound to start his training. He didn’t want to live with his kind. He didn’t need their help.
But he had no choice, not if he wanted to get his ability under control. He was a Fighter. His strength was growing every day, and if he didn’t learn to keep it in check, he could do some serious damage.

And Gina? She was a saint. An angel with the sweetest smile and the biggest heart. Where his power meant to destroy, hers was to revive. Where his hands inflicted pain, hers could heal.

Chris thought he knew her race. Knew what she was hiding behind this stunning pair of eyes. But he couldn’t have been more wrong…

This novella is a prequel of the Paranormal Romance series JAYLIOR, set 7 years in the past. Dive into this story full of suspense, steamy romance, and sinfully hot Chris Howe who made it his mission to unravel Gina’s secret.

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