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first sight, ms parker

A First Sight (The Scottish Billionaires #9) by M. S. Parker – Free eBooks Download


Sixteen years ago, I lost Belle, the love of my life, in a tragic car accident.

Devastated, I left Scotland to work in Uncle Ben’s brokerage firm in Manhattan. Dedicating my life to the job, I rose to the top of the ladder, next in line to head the billion-dollar company.
Belle, however, never left my heart.
Every year––on our anniversary––I dine at the restaurant where we first met.
And that’s when I saw her again…today!
She was three tables away—the spitting image of Belle from sixteen years ago. It couldn’t be a coincidence. It had to be fate or at least a sign.
Now, there’s only one thing on my mind; I must find out who she is.
When Drake Mac Gilleain lays eyes on Maggie McCrae, he believes he’s seeing the ghost of his late wife and decides to follow her.
Maggie has found her dream as a violinist in the New York Philharmonic, but her personal life is scared by a controlling and abusive boyfriend.
During a violent argument on the sidewalk, Drake intervenes and saves Maggie.
Shaken but determined to rid herself of her boyfriend, Maggie stays with Drake while sorting out her situation, and an instant attraction ensues.
Drake is falling hard for Maggie, but as the truth comes out, how can Drake explain he stalked her for weeks because she reminds him of his late wife?

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