A Fate so Cruel by J.E. Reed (ePUB)

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A Fate so Cruel (Fae of Alastríona #3) by J.E. Reed – Free eBooks Download


An ancient prophecy. The birth of a monster.

Step into the world of the #1 bestselling Fae of Alastriona series by J.E. Reed with this prequel collection.

Rion of Bronach is his country’s most feared general. Though he works for his brother, the High Lord of Nadair, Alec, he yields to no one and trusts only his eldest sister, Saoirse.
But he wasn’t always a monster. Once, he was just a child. A child with a mother. A father. A mentor.
Then it all changed.
Years pass, with Rion using his magic and reputation to bring Bronach’s enemies to heel. But when Alec dispatches him on a mission with an alluring female, Rion begins wondering if living a cursed life is truly his only fate.
Because if there’s a chance to escape the ancient texts and prophecies, Rion will have to put his faith in her and pray she doesn’t stab him in the back. Literally.

A prequel to the bestselling Fae of Alastriona series, this collection of short stories tells the haunting tale of a child born ‘wrong’ and how even the kindest of hearts can turn deadly when poisoned with hate.

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