A Family for the Billionaire by Emma Kingsley (ePUB, PDF, Downloads)

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A Family for the Billionaire (When a Billionaire Loves a Woman #3) by Emma Kingsley – Free eBooks Download


A family tragedy brings handsome billionaire Carter Holmes back home after eleven years of absence. Torn by grief and guilt, Carter can’t wait to leave Rich Hill Manor again and run away from painful memories. But his sister’s last testament will tie him to the mansion where he grew up longer than expected. Carter and his four brothers need to figure out whom their sister Maren referred to when she expressed her wish for her daughter Violet to be left in the care of “her brother”.
Debbie Jamieson had no doubt that, after the death of Maren and her husband, she was the only person in the world who could give Violet the unconditional love, support and inspiration that she needed. Debbie had been the girl’s nanny since the little one was born and she struggled to believe that Maren considered one of her five ruthless brothers capable of raising her sweet, little child. None of these heartless billionaires could possibly be a good fit for this role. And the one who was surely the worst candidate was the youngest brother, Carter Holmes.
In the middle of grief, unresolved tensions and old family conflicts, the little girl’s future is more uncertain than ever. But a ray of light pierces the darkness when you least expect it… and when you need it the most. As Violet gets to know her uncles better, Debbie discovers that there is much more to Carter Holmes than she could have ever imagined. Can this irresistibly mysterious man change not only his niece’s but also Debbie’s life for ever?

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