A Fable of Fate by Mellie T. Tollem (ePUB)

fable of fate, mellie t tollem

A Fable of Fate (Darkest Dynasty #3) by Mellie T. Tollem – Free eBooks Download


She broke her promise, but he will ensure she sees it through.

After slighting Malachi, Dahlia wakes to find herself transformed and trapped in an entirely new world. Determined to outwit her foe, save the luminaries, and return home to Ryken, she begrudgingly accepts Malachi’s offer of mentorship, but not without motive. She plans to observe him and study his weaknesses and strengths until she can surpass him in every way.
Yet as the months stretch into years, the faces of Dahlia’s loved ones begin to blur, and the memories of their time together quickly fade.
Soon, she struggles to remember what she was fighting for in the first place.
Come to think of it, she can’t remember much of anything at all.
And when she and Ryken reunite once more, he is unprepared for what he finds—because Dahlia isn’t Dahlia anymore.

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