A Dukes Skillful Seduction by Henrietta Harding (ePUB)

duke's skillful seduction, henrietta harding

A Dukes Skillful Seduction by Henrietta Harding – Free eBooks Download


Being the only child of a wealthy and well-respected wine merchant, Miss Caroline Watford is expected to act as a lady, even if she is not one. While left alone in the shadows one fateful night, she becomes the right target for some very unwanted attention… What will happen when a seductive Lord comes to her rescue and turns out to be a disgruntled man from her past?
Will Caroline find the burning passion she has been looking for in the arms of a fiery acquaintance she has long escaped from?
Lord Louis Wellington is the epitome of what it means to be a nobleman; handsome, intelligent, gentlemanly, yet, he has a very dark side. When he finds out that the most tempting woman he has ever seen is actually the one who humiliated him when he was just a boy, he is not sure if he can let that grudge go. He knows it is childish, but he can not help himself…
Known for how dangerous he is when it comes to women, what could ever go wrong?
Caroline and Louis are forced to come together to rescue her cousin from a scandal that may just ruin, not only her reputation, but also her life and her family. Will they reach her in time or will her downfall be their own doom? After all, will their passionate affair prevail or will their flaming desires be buried deep in the ground?

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