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duke always intrigued, rebecca leigh

A Duke Is Always Intrigued (A Duke Always #4) by Rebecca Leigh – Free eBooks Download


Ian McDonough, Duke of Sunbridge and Chieftain of Clan McDonough of Scotland was growing tired of London and his search for a wife had become tedious. His mother’s insistence that he find an English bride was the only reason he had returned to London for the season. While he did enjoy spending time with his friends at the famous gaming establishment, The Devil’s Lair, and visiting with his English cousins, the Duke and Duchess of Hawksford, the responsibilities of his clan were bearing down on him and he knew that it would soon be time to return to his home in the Scottish Highlands with or without an English bride.
That is until a flash of blue silk and a daring young lady caught his attention.
Emma Presley was visiting London with her uncle and aunt. As a young girl from the small village of Somerset, she hoped London would add some excitement to her rather dull life and she was ready to embrace whatever the ton had in store for her.
When a large handsome Scot crossed her path, she had no idea that her adventures were just beginning.
Ian had never met a woman that drove him mad the way that Emma did. She was beautiful, intelligent, impetuous, and had no idea how dangerous her impulsive nature could be. In the short time he knows her, she creates a sensation that sends the ton into a frenzy, even the prince is fascinated with her. Now he finds himself rescuing her from one situation after another.
He had never felt such intense desire for a woman before. So, when he is faced with losing her, he knows he will do everything in his power to claim her as his duchess, regardless of anyone else’s opinion on the matter, including Emma’s.
Emma knew she was not the woman Ian needed. She didn’t have a dowry, familial connections, or any if the superior graces one needed to possess for such a lofty position. But she loved him, and because she loved him, she had to give him the freedom to choose a lady more suitable to his status. But she had no idea the lengths he would go to claim her, to take the woman he loved as his own.
When Emma disappeared, Ian decided it was time for him to put aside the fine manners of an English duke and embrace the fierce Scottish warrior inside him. And when he found his runaway betrothed, he would claim her, despite her protests.

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