A Duchess’ Sinful Secret by Henrietta Harding (ePUB)

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A Duchess’ Sinful Secret by Henrietta Harding – Free eBooks Download


Isabella Grey has had enough of being a proper lady, waiting to find a gentleman to marry. Searching for an enthralling adventure, she will end up in parts of London where no honourable lady should ever frequent. When Bella enters the fray of a street fight dressed as a boy, a seductive and very commanding gentleman will come to her assistance. Little did she know that running away and changing her identity could be so much fun…

Yet, what will happen when her secret identity is revealed?

Lord Sebastien Pembroke, the captivating Earl of Ashfield, is back in London to assume the earldom from his father. When his friend suggests they go to a gentleman’s club in a seedy part of the town, he finds himself interceding in a street fight to save a boy from being beaten. The boy mysteriously vanishes right after, but not before he catches a glimpse of a very arresting face. When he sees this face again, he realises the seductive Lady Grey is not the prim, proper lady she appears to be…

How can he ever get her to admit that she and the boy on the street are the same person?

Sebastien is tempted to play a wicked game, but Bella will not give up so easily… When her father forces her into a betrothal with an arrogant Marquess to save his floundering business, Sebastien discovers a secret that can ruin this marriage once and for all. Will Sebastian and Bella surrender to their flaming passion after all or will lies tear them apart?

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