A Drop of Anguish by Stacey Trombley (ePUB)

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A Drop of Anguish (Shadow Hills Academy: Relentless #2) by Stacey Trombley – Free eBooks Download


A soulless monster is hunting me.
I might be a magicless human, but I won’t be easy prey.
Everyone at Shadow Hills Academy thinks they know who I am. Canadice Montgomery, a weak magicless human whose only claim to power was her relationship with the demon prince, Jarron.
The girl who’s so desperate for power, she’d be willing to kill her peers in a deadly competition.

A broken-hearted girl who wasn’t good enough to keep the attention of a prince.
They’re wrong, about nearly all of it. I don’t want their magic. All I care about is finding the demon that killed my sister and making him suffer. But that’s made extra difficult when I’m public enemy number one at a school full of immensely powerful beings. Not to mention the ominous notes I keep receiving signed “the Jinn.”
Soon, I realize just how little I know about the games, and my sister’s death.
When Jarron returns to the school, a shell of his former self, things get even more complicated. The dark beast inside of him is growing, clawing at him from the inside and tearing apart his soul. There isn’t a cure for his sickness in any of my potions books but that won’t stop me from seeking out any possible solution. Even if it means consulting with the enemy.

The jinn has a plan for her next set of games. She knows my every weakness. And this time, she will not stop until I’m one of the contestants.

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