A Dream of Flame and Shadow by L. Eveland (ePUB)

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A Dream of Flame and Shadow (Flame and Shadow #1) by L. Eveland – Free eBooks Download


A Nightmare with a dream. A diplomat desperate for peace. And the human that will change everything.

All Nevahn wants is a quiet life making tools at his forge. When a bargain with the Lord of Nightmares whisks him away to a land full of terrifying monsters, his entire world is turned upside down. Terrifying monsters like Hellion and the brooding Lord Cian. Falling for them is dangerous, but he can’t help himself. Thrust into the middle of an impending war, and decades-old rivalries, Nevahn must forge his own way forward, or die trying.

For fifty years, Lord Cian has let his quest for vengeance consume him, body and soul. Until Nevahn. Now, claiming him is all he can think about, especially since another old flame has resurfaced. With war on the horizon, it’s the worst possible time to be distracted. If he wants to free his people from the tyrannical grip of the Fire Lord, Cian must resist his baser urges, or his people face annihilation.

On the outside, Hellion’s mission is simple: repair relations between the Nightmare and Dream courts. It would be, if Lord Cian wasn’t their ex-lover, and if Cian hadn’t brought home a new, human plaything. But the human has a secret, one that could change everything. The closer Hellion gets to unraveling the truth, the more sparks fly, and not just between Hellion and Nevahn. There’s something between all three of them, something that could shatter the peace Hellion is so desperate to preserve. To prevent a war, Hellion must navigate a delicate balance between what their position demands, and what their hearts desire.

Even if it costs all three of them everything.

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