A Dragon’s Faith by Sheri Eleese (ePUB)

dragon's faith, sheri eleese

A Dragon’s Faith (Paranormal Council: Legacy #3) by Sheri Eleese – Free eBooks Download


When the survival of the world is at stake, an ancient dragon does whatever is necessary to keep it safe…but his actions could now cost him his mate.

Aldrich, the Father of Dragons, missing and presumed dead for centuries, has finally been found. But had he really been lost?
In league with the Goddess, he has plotted and schemed, manipulating people and events in his efforts to save the world. But has he crossed one line too many for his mate to forgive?
Tommy Bellamy, a human and master bowman, had a pivotal role in protecting the world from a demon once. All signs point to him having to do it again.
A hookup gone wrong leaves him scarred in mind, body, and soul. When Tommy learns his torture was more than an act of revenge, the betrayal may be too much for his damaged soul to forgive.
The final war against chaos is about to begin. With demons on their doorstep, this is not the time for a loss of faith. They must all stand united when they face the darkness…or the hope of the universe will be lost.
And the demon queen will rule over them all.

*This book is not a standalone. This is the conclusion to the Paranormal Council – Legacy series, follow-up series to Reforming the Paranormal Council.

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