A Demon’s Sins by Ella Jade (ePUB)

demon's sins, ella jade

A Demon’s Sins (The Soulless #2) by Ella Jade – Free eBooks Download


Does a demon with so much evil brewing inside him deserve the love of a perfect woman?

I want to put my demonic days behind me and focus on a normal life with Harper, but my wicked past haunts me… calls to me when it shouldn’t.
All I want is to make her happy and keep her safe. How am I supposed to do that and be the man she deserves and not the demon they want me to be?
My enemies attack at every turn, threatening her to get me to comply. Her ex-boyfriend is back in town, annoying me with his mortal existence and asking too many questions. A demon hunter who I thought had long forgotten about me has returned with a secret from our past.
Harper sees the light in me and has faith in my dead soul, but the darkness consumes me. I have to make a choice to protect her. Do I unleash the monster inside me and prove I’ll never be who she needs? Or do I take her and run away, forcing me to look over my shoulder for the rest of my existence?
Either way, I’ll never find absolution for the things I’ve done.

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