A Demon’s Dread by Emilia Hartley (ePUB)

demon's dread, emilia hartley

A Demon’s Dread (The Arcana Pack Chronicles #6) by Emilia Hartley – Free eBooks Download


I never realized how important my arcana was to me until it was gone.

Well, not really gone. It’s still there, searing my insides every time I reach for it.
Right when I finally figure out who I am (child of Satan himself!) and what I can do (gleam like the sun at midday for starters), it all turns inward. I can’t do anything with it.
Which really sucks when one of the oldest, nastiest demon generals shows up. She doesn’t mean anything good for me, even if she isn’t exactly like the other demon generals who have tried to trick me into starting the apocalypse.
And Michael, the angel who is supposed to help me get my arcana back, isn’t doing much good. I still can’t protect myself. I can’t protect my city. I can’t protect my friends. I can’t even protect the man I love.
Because, yes, I’ve finally figured it out. I love Morgan.
Like, really love him.
I think he might even be into me, too.
But fun fact—with this curse, every time he gets close, my arcana flares up, threatening to destroy us both.
Yeah, I have to get rid of this thing.
Maybe I’ll even have to go full-on human, getting rid of the arcana entirely.
But then, will I even be me? Will Morgan still love me if I’m that different from my true self?
To protect him and the rest of the world, maybe I should do it anyway.

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