A Deal Maker by MK Kerrick (ePUB)

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A Deal Maker (Makers of New York #2) by MK Kerrick – Free eBooks Download


Monsters come in many forms.
Sometimes we are disguised as gods.
Whitney Hayes claims I’m her Apollo. Not the god depicting joy and love, but the sinister one beneath the mask who thrives in his hidden search for vengeance. The villain in her story where corruption only breeds fear.
I may want her with a desperation clawing at my heart, but there’s a price to pay for lusting after an enemy.
She is the key to finding the man who stole from me. He dipped his hands in the depth of gold I surround myself in and fled into the night. So I’ll go after her, use her to draw him out, and get back what is rightfully mine. And if I have to bury her alongside him, I will.
I am not the man who will save her from her fate, but the monster who will destroy her world to regain mine.
She is right, after all. I am not the Apollo who will love her. I’m the Apollo who will ruin her. And in return, she will ruin me.
Love is reckless.
Love has consequences.
Love will bring destruction.

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