A Deadly Vow by J.D. Ronan (ePUB)

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Sabine Azterrin longed for death.
Used as a pawn in her father’s war, Sabine spends her life captive to the King of Novear, her will commanded by a siphoning crystal. Yet when she wakes up in the hands of her enemy, Sabine realizes her father committed the ultimate betrayal: a ritual bonding her magic to the Prince of the Solstice Kingdom. When the assassination fails, Keahi promises Sabine the one thing she will live for–revenge.

Keahi Aldeer was an instrument of war.
Forged into a weapon by his father, the General of Solstice sacrifices his blood, honor, and fate for the good of his kingdom. When the King of Novear, destroyer of the Veil of Seven, threatens to invade Solstice’s territory, Keahi falls directly into his trap. He fears the magic in his veins will no longer be enough.

Fate had other plans . . .
Bonded to the daughter of his enemy’s kingdom, Keahi proposes an unexpected alliance, a marriage to save them both. But when lies spiral out of control, holy matrimony isn’t the only thing Keahi is lying about.

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