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A Deadly Game (Angus Brodie and Mikaela Forsythe Murder Mystery #3) by Carla Simpson – Free eBooks Download


London, 1890:
It’s a New Year, but murder never takes a holiday.
The past reaches out to the unlikely investigative team of Angus Brodie and Mikaela Forsythe when a man Mikaela was once engaged to seeks her assistance to find his young runaway son.
What starts out as a seemingly simple case of following the clues becomes far more as the search unravels secrets Mikaela’s former fiancé intended to keep hidden.
Mikaela is determined to find the answers they need, but Brodie can’t keep his mind off of his own set of questions…questions about this woman who is too darn independent; who aggravates him to no end with her lists, theories, and ideas; who puts her life at risk too often; and who may still have feelings for the man she might have once married…questions that complicate this already complicated partnership of theirs.
When the boy’s father is found dead, everything they thought they knew about the case is turned on its head and new motives start to take form.
It’s a race against time when the boy’s school jacket is discovered with a note, and Mikaela and Brodie must work side by side with his mother—a woman who makes no attempt to hide her dislike for Mikaela and is determined to protect her late husband’s legacy at all cost—sending them into a place where the hunters become the hunted and they must work together once more in order to survive.

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