A Date for the Regatta by Heidi McLaughlin (ePUB)

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A Date for the Regatta (The Dating #9) by L.P. Dover, Heidi McLaughlin – Free eBooks Download


Hoist the main sail and ready the bow thruster, this ship is going to be rocking.

London Bauer hates her job. Working with the New England elite, she’s used to yacht club snobs glaring down their noses at her as she serves them dinner and caters to their extravagant whims. Thankfully, they tip well and London needs every cent she can get.

One shift goes from bad to worse when Max Richmond saunters in. As if she needed another reminder why she should never mingle with the sailors, he has the audacity to ignore her. London wasn’t looking to sail off into the sunset with him after the night they spent together, but acknowledging her would have been common decency. She follows Max into the bathroom, fully intending to give him a piece of her mind. Instead, she finds herself getting wonderfully reacquainted with his drive shaft.

Now, Max is insistent that London join him at the Kingstown Regatta. Surrounded by his uppity friends and family, London fears the divide between their lives is too deep for any vessel to sail. While she’s ready to weigh anchor and move on, Max is manning his helm and prepared to show her they can weather the roughest of seas… together.

Climb aboard and wax the deck, the motion of this ocean will leave you weak in the knees.

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