A Dash of Love by Angela Scarborough (ePUB)

dash of love, Angela Scarborough

A Dash of Love (A Love’s Sweet Recipe Romantic Comedy #1) by Angela Scarborough – Free eBooks Download


From heated ovens to heated debates—what happens when a critic meets his match?

In the quaint town of Elmwood Falls, where dreams are kneaded and baked to perfection, Emma Nicole has been stirring up more than just batter. Taking charge of the Heritage Bakery while the owner sails the world, Emma hopes to leave her own mark on the beloved local spot with traditional treats. But when Alex Carter, a sharp-tongued food critic known for his scathing reviews, stumbles into her bakery, Emma finds her skills—and her heart—put to the ultimate test.
With her dreams and the bakery’s reputation on the line, Emma must prove that tradition and innovation can blend as seamlessly as butter in her croissant dough. As the critic’s challenges become increasingly personal, the town of Elmwood Falls rallies around its favorite baker, reminding her that the secret ingredient to any recipe is always love.

Can Emma transform the critic’s palate and win his heart, or will her culinary ambitions crumble like overworked pastry?

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