A Darker Palette by Daniel May (ePUB)

darker palette, daniel may

A Darker Palette by Daniel May – Free eBooks Download


Trinket may be stepping out in his relationship, but he’s not the only one with secrets.

After spending weeks with his sidepiece – the BDSM-savvy, dirty-talking tattoo artist Mini – Trinket should be in a state of constant postcoital bliss. However, guilt starts to creep in… along with a sneaking suspicion that things are not quite right.

Committed boyfriend Zee, away on a business trip, begins giving off strange vibes. Trinket is uneasy. He calls Zee home early, interrupting his own dirty adventure to embrace the intimacy he’s used to with the man he loves.

But before Zee returns, an ugly revelation blindsides Trinket. He’s blindsided again by a surprise gift delivered to the house, and hit for a third time with Zee finally comes home and hits him with the biggest secret of all.

Trinket is left beyond conflicted – health of his relationship aside, how can he make peace with himself or either of his men in the wake of these truths?

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