A Dark Christmas Knight by Aurrora St. James (ePUB)

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A Dark Christmas Knight by Aurrora St. James – Free eBooks Download


Laird Dougal de Giffard knows that no woman will have him. As the son of the infamous Wizard of Yester, rumors of black magic and necromancy have dogged his steps since he was a child. In a time when superstitions have deep roots, even strong men avoid him.

Ambushed and left for dead just days before Christmas, he’s rescued by the feisty daughter of his neighbor. Slaine de Morham shows no fear of him, even when she learns his name. As enticing as she is, Dougal has no intention of subjecting her to a life of censure. That is, until the man chosen to be her husband arrives. A man with three young, very dead wives. Seeing the terror in Slaine’s eyes raises every one of Dougal’s protective instincts, and he hastily makes her his wife.

Slaine finds an honorable warrior in her handsome new husband and is intent to create a happy marriage, but first she must break through the thick walls surrounding his heart and discover the secrets buried there. The pain in his eyes draws her as much as the fire in his touch. And with each heated kiss, each sensual caress, she plans to show him the love he desperately needs.

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