A Curse of Scales and Flame by Max Walker (ePUB)

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A Curse of Scales and Flame (Magic and Marvels) by Max Walker – Free eBooks Download


Damien Blackthorne
Dragons were dying. All over the world, a curse was taking us out one by one, and nobody knew how to stop it.
I watched my mother burn, I watched my little brother fall sick. I didn’t want to see anyone else die, I was determined to figure out how to stop the dragon fall.
That’s when Robby practically falls into my lap, with his big brown eyes and charming smile and his penchant for being hunted by vampires. After saving him twice from certain death, we soon come to realize that there’s a reason he’s being hunted.
And that reason may be the answer to all our problems, and the start to a whole new set of them.

Robby Diaz
I liked to float through the world. I bounced off problems and tended to avoid any and all issues with a smile and a wave.
So imagine my surprise when I’m heading to a magic shop in Malibu and I’m suddenly attacked by vampires and then saved by one of the most handsome men I’d ever seen. I thought I could float away from whatever mess I stumbled into, but this problem stuck—following me all the way home.
The vampires were after me, but they didn’t want me dead… they wanted me alive. Why? And what did I have to do with this dragon-killing curse? And why was I falling for the fiery hot dragon who insists on saving me over and over again?

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